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Mask Revival

Wearing a Mask?

Refresh and Revive Your Mask

with a Spritz!

Mask Revival

Masking up can be enjoyable!

Mask Revival is a unique product designed to help mask wearing a more enjoyable experience.  A single spritz of one of our delicious scents will refresh and revive your mask.  No more stale breath, no more lunch smells.



Safe for Your Skin

Mask Revival is safe for skin and will keep your mask refreshed between normal washings.  A simple spritz on the inside of your mask, let it sit a couple of seconds and you’re set!

Sourced from organic plant-based ingredients.

Mask Revival is sourced from organic plant-based ingredients alcohol, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils.  

One 10ml bottle yields 150 sprays and fits nicely in a pocket and/or purse.

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